Monday, May 10, 2010

Craft Room

I have been working on a room upstairs that will become my stamp/craft room. I have yet again painted the kitchen table! I have painted the room a very pretty shade of what I would call green, Martha Stewart paints calls it "Beachsand". I have partnered it with another MS color called "tidewater". So table top, chair and the frame on the memo board are that color. I found panels at T J Maxx for $7.00 each and the material at craft wharehouse. I plan on adding something to the panels but I could not resist because they were exactly the "tidewater" color oh and because they were cheap! I still have a shelf to hang, for those who remember it was the one that hung on the wall behind the table in VA. I painted it a bright white. I will have more pics when I have it more together.