Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just Something I Made

Just Something I Made

I have copied these silhoettes and Tra is going to make me vinyl. I am 5 in my laundry room, vinyl to the wall with frames from the dollar store that I am going to paint black. I do consider myself a bit more modern than these ladies, but I think they are cute and I say anything goes in a laundry room. I just checked and this link worked! Just scroll down below the soap dispensers.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Panels finally hung!

We finally hung the panels in the dining area. They look great and we love them. I had the bottom of the panels from VA, our ceilings are higher here so all the panels we had in VA are a bit too short. I found material at Joann's ordered it and found a lady to sew the material on top of the panels. I love how it turned out, she also made a roman shade for the kitchen window.

We bought a 6 foot wood pole, brackets and finials all spray painted in Hammered black. I did not want the rod to completely cross the window as these are purely window adornments and not functional.

The shelf that is pictured Kevin and I made(really I just stood by and watched)! We got the idea from another blog "thrifty chic decor" she copied shelves from the Ballard designs catalog. So I think and I use that word most carefully I am done with the main living area of the house.
Now on to the yard and patio that time of year you know!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Today I am painting a wood curtain rod, brackets and finials. I hope to hang the curtains later today if I can get Kev away from basketball on TV March madness you know! Once this is done I believe the dining area can be called done. Maybe keep our eyes open for a rug, the weather is so nice here I am thinking we will soon be starting to think about getting outside and what we need to spruce it up. Of course I will keep pictures coming.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The processed continued

So I will post pics that now show the work accomplished and my vision for the new dining room. I still will have some photos to post when drapes are hung and the completion of the chandelier parts are put together. WE are thrilled and this house feels like home!